Texas Truck & Tractor Pullers Association

The Texas Truck and Tractor Pullers Association was organized and sanctioned in 2007 by twenty founding members with the goal of reviving hotrod truck and tractor pulling in the state of Texas. A non-profit organization, TTTPA strives to provide safe, fun, family oriented entertainment.

Traveling across Texas fans can expect to see an array of unique pulling classes ranging from 2500+ horsepower blown alcohol two wheel drive trucks to small block powered hot rod tractors. Other classes include the heavy weight Hot Farm “smoker” tractors, high revving Pro Stock 4X4 trucks, 500 cubic inch Economy modified tractors, 1500 HP blown alcohol Pro Modified tractors, and some of the baddest Super Street Diesel 4X4 trucks in the country.

In 2016 TTTPA is sanctioning multiple events in towns across the state of Texas. Come see us hook to one of the awesome Bungart X-Factor sleds in a town near you

P.O. Box 162 Dublin, TX 76446 email: txdirtslinger@hotmail.com

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Published on May 23, 2016 TTTPA NORDHEIM 2WD - 5-21-2016