***Rule changes for 2024

All bell housing must have a current SFI certification with proper dates from inspection company. No exceptions!

Limited Mod: No change

Econo Rod: No change

Limited Pro Diesel 4x4:

  1. The body must be OEM truck body, with exception of bed you may remove bed floor if you do it must be covered with a tarp or canvas bed cover.
  2. a) Head must be OEM or OEM on piece cast replica for that brand of engine. No Billet heads of any material. Outside dimensions of cylinder head must measure factory width and length. Head must retain OEM valve angle and configuration. (Rest of rule is as is.)
  3. Windshield and rear cab glass con be OEM glass, full Lexan or plexiglass. (Rest of the rules stays as is)

Pro Stock 4x4:

  1. a) Delete.
  2. There will be an 8300 RPM limit, to be controlled with a rev limiter. A teltac II digital tachometer will be mounted on the sled and used to measure RPM on each Run. A Tach signal from the ignition must be running along the outside of the frame rail to a female plug on the back of the vehicle. If the teltac II shows an RPM of 8400 or greater, you will be disqualified. The plug at the back of the vehicle will be wired as follows.

Hot Farm:

  1. a) Head, any cast iron cylinder head will be accepted. No billet or aluminum cylinder head must retain OEM (length/width/height) for engine application. Two valves per cylinder, valve must be 90 degrees to block surface. Valve guides must be in stock location and angle. Cylinder head must retain OEM bolt pattern. Manifolds must bolt 90 degrees to the head.

Pro Mod: No change

2 WD: No change


Hot Farm Pullers:

This is the contact for your water. It will be your responsibility to reach out and get your water ordered.
To save on shipping you may want to get together and have a central delivery, or possibly two delivery locations, and share the expense.
The Association will not be ordering any water for pullers at this time. Should you have any questions, pleas contact a class representative.

Bryce VanGenderen VG Motorsports
(641) 799-4452

Texas Truck and Tractor Pullers Association

The Texas Truck and Tractor Pullers Association was organized and sanctioned in 2007 by twenty founding members with the goal of reviving hotrod truck and tractor pulling in the state of Texas. A non-profit organization, TTTPA strives to provide safe, fun, family oriented entertainment.

Traveling across Texas fans can expect to see an array of unique pulling classes ranging from 2500+ horsepower blown alcohol two wheel drive trucks to small block powered hot rod tractors. Other classes include the heavy weight Hot Farm “smoker” tractors, high revving Pro Stock 4X4 trucks, 500 cubic inch Economy modified tractors, 1500 HP blown alcohol Pro Modified tractors, and some of the baddest Super Street Diesel 4X4 trucks in the country.

In 2024 TTTPA is sanctioning multiple events in towns across the state of Texas. Come see us hook to one of the awesome Bungart X-Factor sleds in a town near you.

P.O. Box 616, Ballinger, TX 76821

Find more Texas Truck and Tractor Pullers Association info on our Facebook page and on YouTube.

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June 28 & 29
Whitewright, TX

Thunder in the Lone STar

Whitewright Tractor Pull Park
14541 State Hwy 11
Whitewright, TX 75491

Gates open at 5:00PM

Tractor Pull at 7:30PM

General - $20
5 and under - Free
Free entry to the pits before pull!


Videos of past events

Bryan, TX
October 13, 2023