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2019 Rule Changes

Attention pullers!!!
Here are the new safety rules for 2019 that were added to the rule book. Rule books will be available at the first pull and the 2019 rule book can be downloaded from the link below.


  • No computers will be allowed that control the power output of the vehicle in attempt to maximize traction. No automated or computer operated traction control devices such as MSD digital, Davis Electronics or power grid will be allowed. (Wiring and components must be readily visible for inspection.) All engines must be controlled directly by the driver through a manual throttle. No electronic fuel injectors or metering devices will be allowed (except in the 2.6 Diesel 4x4 Pickup Class). No automatic control of tire pressure or rear suspension height will be allowed.
  • Turbocharged engines are required to have one (1) cable that must surround the engine block and head. This cable must be placed between first and second cylinder through exhaust manifold port area. Cable must be a minimum of 3/8 inch thickness. Cable must have a minimum of two (2) clamps at the splice. Cable must have approximately 4 inches of slack. Multiple-head engines require one cable per head.


  • Skid plate/Skis must be mounted inline with each frame rail and extend from the center of the axle forward (on both sides) equal in strength to frame rail material. Skid plate surface to be a minimum of 4 inches wide and 12 inches long with a minimum 6 inch curve when measured from the front most part of the rolled edge. (Final decision rest with TTTPA Officials)


  • All four wheel drive trucks must use wheels/rollers on weight box or rack within 6" of the forward most part of the vehicle. Wheels/rollers can be made to raise when not on competition track for ground clearance. Wheels/rollers to be no closer than 36" and a minimum of 2" wide and 5" diameter. (Smaller diameter permitted if width is adequate, Example 4" x 10") Note: One wide roller will be permitted if determined acceptable by tech officials. (Final decision rest with TTTPA Officials)

Texas Truck and Tractor Pullers Association 2019 Rules

A copy of the Texas Truck and Tractor Pullers Association 2019 Rules book in PDF form can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

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Texas Truck and Tractor Pullers Association Membership Documents

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